Vaccine Bioprocess

Vaccine Bioprocess

Higher-order structures of vaccine biologics

Without understanding the higher-ordered structure, it is difficult to quantitate the population of structural variants present in the vaccine formulation; it could impact the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Taking advantage of the QCL-IR spectrometry, Culpeo® can support the simultaneous measurement of protein (e.g. antibody) titer, secondary structure profile, aggregation level, and percent glycosylation.  It will undoubtedly shorten the longer CQA lead times with its ability to perform real-time, label free characterization of vaccine biologics.

High spectral brightness of Culpeo QCL-IR liquid analyzer enables transmission measurements, which simplify the measurements of highly concentrated proteins without diluting them. It is now possible to analyze batch-to-batch consistency, stability, variants and aggregates.

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