Protein Analytics

Protein Analytics

Non-destructive, in-line analysis of prepared and separated protein solutions

Does the spectrometer in your current liquid chromatography workflow provide information on higher-order structures in addition to accurate quantitation of your proteins? The Culpeo® liquid analyzer is purpose-built to integrate into upstream and downstream (e.g. purification) chromatography workflows. Culpeo’s flexible sampling interface allows quantitative in-line, at-line and off-line measurements of biomolecules. Starting from the initial purification steps through subsequent polishing steps, Culpeo® can be used to perform rapid, direct quantitation and characterization of secondary structure. These methods can be easily transferred downstream to the GMP and GxP environments.

Due to its ability to probe the mid-IR signature of the amide bonds, Culpeo® enables the CQA (critical quality attribute) real-time spectral profiling (up to 10 Hz) of proteins in their native environment. It provides a wide dynamic range for sampling concentrations from below 1 mg/mL to well over 150 mg/mL, in the presence of excipients. Its spectral output reveals critical information about the secondary structure, inter-molecular interactions and conjugation with other small molecule moieties at sensitivities below 1%. QCL-IR technology is sensitive to saccharide moieties of biologics indicative of post glycosylation modifications. This information helps progress formulation and stability studies of biologics.

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