Bioprocess Analytics

Bioprocess Analytics

On-line/at-line characterization of nutrients, metabolic waste and protein titer of bioreactors used in bioprocess analytics and scaled-up continuous manufacturing


It is critical to have process analytics capability for real-time monitoring of complex mixture of cells, nutrients, and metabolic waste during the production phase of biologics. The ever-changing paradigm moving towards continuous bioprocess analytics underscores the need for multi-parametric characterization that saves time and accelerates critical decision-making.

The Culpeo® QCL-IR Analyzer easily couples with commonly used sampling interfaces connected to bioreactors to support biophysical characterization. This technology enables rapid data acquisition and simultaneous quantification of key bioprocess constituents, such as feedstock and metabolic waste within a complex matrix.

The system is equipped with an OPC-UA interface that allows industry standard automation software to facilitate data acquisition as well as remote instrument access.

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