About Us


DRS Daylight Solutions, a division of Leonardo DRS, is a San Diego-based company with a strong record of deploying ruggedized analytical instruments and photonics systems into life-critical applications. Since 2005, Daylight has supported defense, commercial, and research markets, and is rapidly expanding into the biopharmaceutical and clinical research sectors to advance the rapid development of vaccines and other life-saving therapeutics.

Daylight has introduced several groundbreaking instruments, including the world’s first QCL-IR microscope, the Spero-QT® for label-free chemical imaging, and the Culpeo® QCL-IR analyzer for real-time biophysical characterization. The high spectral brightness of QCL-IR sources enables accurate, high-resolution label-free analysis.

DRS Daylight Solutions is committed to delivering reliable QCL-IR solutions to the Life Sciences. Contact our team of application scientists to learn how QCL-R can benefit your applications.